Vauxhall backed by Police!

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Vauxhall has strengthened its position as the largest vehicle supplier to the UK’s police forces with a successful tender submission for the Welsh Police. The deal provides the Welsh Police Authorities with vehicles until 2014, with the option to extend the contract to 2015.

The contract win now means that 41 (or 80 per cent) of the 52 UK Police Authorities are using Low and Intermediate Performance Vehicles from Vauxhall.

“Vauxhall provides fit for purpose high quality products at a competitive price,” said Ray Forsey, The South Wales Police Authorities’ Fleet Manager. “North Wales Police will also be working closely with Vauxhall’s Special Vehicles to provide a specific containment cell in the Astra Sports Tourer so that the Welsh Police Authority can fully utilise their vehicles.”

Vauxhall backed by Police authorities

As the largest supplier to the Police Authorities, Vauxhall will supply around 9,000 new vehicles over the next four years.

“A key factor in our success has been our approach to the supply chain,” said Dick Ellam, Vauxhall Special Vehicles Manager. “The only element we outsource is the delivery of the vehicle to the customer – everything else is done in-house under our control. We are therefore able to make savings for the Police fleets in the time it takes to bring their vehicles into service.”

Vauxhalls will now be supplied to North Wales Police, Dyfed Powys Police, South Wales Police, and Gwent Police.

Part of the deal also includes Vauxhall providing Movano Police Protected Support Units (PSUs). South Wales and Dyfed Powys Police are the first two authorities in Wales and the UK to order full turnkey vehicles from a vehicle manufacturer.

The options specified for the PSUs include Ballistic Windscreen, Radiator Protector, Rough Road Package, Deployable Windscreen Protection, Tyron Run Flat Tyre Bands, and a Double Cell.

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