Society for All British Road Enthusiasts

| NEWS | 10/09/2008 15:55pm
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Surfing the internet when he was meant to be hard at work putting out a magazine, Dougie stumbled upon the website for the ‘Society For All British Road Enthusiasts’, or SABRE for short.  Contained within this, ahem, specialist cove of the internet is a dedication and enthusiasm for all things road related.  Fantastic! 

The site contains photo galleries of so many roads that we collectively fainted with excitement.  Of particular interest is the forum, containing threads such as ‘Interesting French roads’, ‘Discussion of sign colours’ and ‘Favourite road texture and colour’ (ok, I made that one up) and one spanning several pages dedicated to the strategic renaming of motorways and how such a pointless task would be achieved.  Usernames on the forum are often along the lines of ‘M4Gordon’ or ‘BertA257’ and you know what… it’s strangely interesting, just don’t spend too long on there.  So, instead of going out this Friday night, head over to to kick off the weekend…

Also on the subject of roads is the Pathetic Roads website, dedicated to, well, pathetic roads.  It can be found at  And we thought the internet was just for porn and eBay.

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